We are like Trains


As I was sitting outside in the back of my house the usual trains passing by shook me for a bit and I wondered why. Perhaps it was its horn that caused me to nearly fall of my seat? But that wouldn’t make sense because whats so alarming about a “train horn?” And then it made sense to me. See we human beings are similar to that of a train. Look at this way- have you ever had someone enter your life so unexpectedly that is somewhat frightened you and caused your heart to fall to your stomach? Usually when a train passes you it is unforeseen to that point that once its gone your forget when it ever came. It is so quick, yet so loud that it leaves a mark to your soul. We humans are similar to a train. We enter a persons life, unanticipated, without any warning, and so quick, yet so loud, that every part of you shakes. We are there for the moment similar to a train, yet we leave a mark.

To the next stop that the rail roads take us, we use our horns to shake the soul of the next person.


Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

Let us accept the fact that each living being has its own time frame. Similar to a leaf on a tree, each thing and being will have its time to die. The physical body/object stops benefiting from food, water, and air similar to a leaf, which stops making food and giving oxygen. Once a leaf falls down from the tree, it no longer coexists with the universe– it is no longer living. Arguably, one can relate that to the life of a human soul. It remains in the blood of its lovers, still peaceful in existence, tied within its own roots; identical to the roots of a leaf on a tree. However, once those roots become weakened, powerless, tired, the thing itself lets go. From the high grounds onto the floor, both the leaf and the human soul rest. Whether it be a leaf or a soul itself, none remains in existence.

“We will all, someday, experience death, and become obsolete as a dead leaf falling from a tree, crushed by passersby to ashes underlying the earth”(Kim Elizabeth).


I the person you’ll see crying from not achieving something that is already achieved but not in a overly manner.

I am the type of the person that hates losing to the point I become fierce, angry, and short tempered.

I am the person that when goes for something,  once I begin there is no way in HELL I will ever stop.

I am the person you do not want to be competing with, because there is no competition when I am down fully in love with what is it love.

I am the type person that will FIGHT to get what I want, if it is my dream it is well WORTH FIGHTING FOR.

I hating losing,  I hate so much that my life only revolves around climbing up the ladder and NEVER FALLING DOWN THE LADDER.

I hate loosing to the point that I believe falling is non-existent, for if it is fought for, falling should never be thought of.

I hate loosing to the point that I do not believe in the weak, I believe in people who are willingly to be weak.

I am hate losing, I always have,  and always will!